Our Labels

The lovely and talented Kylie Niovara-Dave has joined the team as the new designer of Chocolat. A familiar face to many of you, Kylie has spent over twenty years in the industry, starting out at one of our favourite retailers in Dunedin before stints designing the Birzeit range for Caroline Sills and the Artisan and Calico collections. Kylie is proving to have a great grasp on what the Chocolat customer is looking for and we are excited by the stylish and sophisticated samples currently flying off the machines. Kylie will be working for High Society three days a week, spending the rest of her time with her gorgeous one year old daughter, Bijou.

Obi’s contemporary, thoughtful and intelligent design is infused with a unexpected edginess which embraces the awakening sense of self. The Obi woman speaks with her inner voice. Understated sophistication is the hallmark of the Obi woman with fabrics, textures and hues that draw from very nature itself.Jon Dyball joined the High Society Design Team as the Catalyst Designer in September 2010. Jon comes to High Society with 20 years experience, across the clothing industry’s spectrum, from patternmaking and production through design, in both men’s and women’s wear.

Jon’s career began in menswear, where he spent eleven years mastering fine tailoring.Eventually, with a need to expand his creative abilities, Jon delved head first into a new creative dimension, entering the “wonderful world of women’s wear”! Jon’s unique “handwriting” is playful and clever. Full of interesting elements and texture and using quality fabrications, his work fits perfectly into the High Society way of thinking.Not to be grounded by life’s rules and regulations, Jon sees outside the square and happily explores the use of unconventional and unexpected design elements.

We want to introduce you to the talented duo behind the revamped and reinvigorated Travellers label. Both in their 20s, Xanthe and Chloe have added a youthful flair to the collection – in which we have set out to create a modern and stylish yet functional travel wardrobe.

Xanthe Harris has spent six years studying fashion design before graduating from Whitecliffe Design School in 2013 Xanthe joined the business in 2014 as an assistant working on the Obi and Catalyst labels. Xanthe’s strong graphic design skills lead her to selecting bold prints, and creating strong silhouettes highlighted with pops of colour.

Chloe Prosser, who graduated from AUT School of Design in 2012, has a gentler design aesthetic, with her love of draping adding a more feminine element to the collection. When Chloe is not working on the Travellers brand, she works in Customer Service and Dispatch providing her with a solid understanding of fabrics, colours and styles that our customers love to wear.

We often make reference to our Stitch & Hide accessories as being made “…for citizens of the modern world”. The people who bring you the Stitch & Hide collection are also citizens of this world, and we make every attempt to be good citizens. So from the beginning we chose the tanning process for our leather that is the most ecologically responsible. It is a technique called Vegetable Tanning.

It is neither the fastest, nor the cheapest, and it is not the way most leather is tanned in this modern world. But it results in the finest, most luxurious leather, without subjecting our planet or citizens to chemical toxins, and cancer-causing dyes used in most other leather production. (For the techies reading… our vegetable tanned leather is free of CFC, PCB, PCP and formaldehyde, and dyed strictly with colors that comply with the AZO.)
The additional benefit to a Stitch & Hide item is that this process allows our leather to retain its natural markings – the scars, wrinkles and scratches of the hide earned over a lifetime. These are not flaws to be stripped out, but to be celebrated as unique and distinctive, allowing you to own an exceptional, natural, one-of-a-kind Stitch & Hide product. You could say our leathers are Perfectly Imperfect.

There are a few things in life that get better with age– single malt scotch, cast iron skillets, true love, a good bottle of wine and leather goods from Stitch & Hide. Our vegetable tanning technique allows our wallets to age beautifully. It evolves into something personal as it gets used over the years. Of course, our products take more time and are more expensive to produce, but we think you deserve some imperfection… in a perfect world.

When love, skill and nature work together, expect a masterpiece like Surmanti: ‘Our Beautiful Obsession’.  Innovation, excitement and love are part of their everyday thinking. Surmanti love experiences; they love their friends; they love helping people; they love animals; they love teams (especially kiwi ones); they love events; they love their community, their country and planet; they love abstract ideas; they love art, beauty & science; they love women’s intuition and messages from their angels. Love means liking much, much more than a lot. Love gives us meaning and defines who we are. Most importantly it means making the right choices every single day to leave the world a better place…
Not just when it suits us.