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Fashion blogger Monique from Dressing Up takes us through her favourite new season looks offering great styling tips and more. Monique Doy, is a Mum in her 30’s and a fashion enthusiast, living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Monique’s mantra is; You ARE the special occasion. Dressing Up was born out of frustration that with her post pregnancy body she couldn’t find anything to wear. Now we all say we have nothing to wear, but as a size 14-16 Monique has often struggled to find beautiful clothes in her size. She started thinking about how many women of various sizes she knew and wondered where they shopped and how they found fashion to fit (FASHION not clothes…life’s too short to wear clothes that make you feel meh!) And so she began Dressing Up as a forum to share ideas about fashion and let you know where to find fashion that fits. Monique’s goal is to inject the fun back into getting dressed each day, to remind you how fabulous your body is and to make your clothes work for you. She wants women to see clothes on a body they recognise and be inspired by fashion again!

Monique is one of our biggest fans as she has found the amazing ranges sold at Evolve are made with real women in mind. We stock a wide range of sizes from 8 to 24. Watch the video blogs to see some of her favourite pieces!

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